Program Policy and Leadership

  1. Primary responsibility for administration of the International Program for the Scholarship of Educational Leadership: UBC Certificate on Curriculum and Pedagogy in Higher Education resides with the UBC Faculty of Education/International Engagement, whose mission and experience are consistent with the goals of the program and related research, leadership and scholarship expertise.
  2. A Multi-disciplinary Program Advisory Board (see below) act as a reporting council at an AGM, as well as an advisory body on such matters as evaluative procedures, field trends, admissions criteria, supporting technology, financial and human resource feasibility.
  3. The Academic Program Director/Chair is responsible for organizing instructional and external assessment teams; program research and development; program implementation and market demand; and program reporting/dissemination.

Principles and Practices

The following principles and practices govern the International SoEL program.

  • A pilot program that required close internal (formative and summative) evaluations for the first three years of R & D.
  • Sustained annual strategic, systematic and rigorous program-level evaluations and scholarship pertaining to its impacts in multi-national, multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary contexts.
  • Utilize continuous program research to meet diverse needs and circumstances of educational leaders, to provide a state-of-the-art International SoEL Certificate Program with at least 150 hours of engagement, and which should be completed within one academic year.
  • SoEL graduates who successfully complete the program of study will receive Certification. Certification is awarded through the President’s Office in conjunction with UBC’s Faculty of Education International Engagement.

Cohort Funding

  • International faculty cohorts are funded with cost-recovery programs by way of invitation and administered through UBC’s Faculty of Education International Engagement.
  • UBC-Vancouver faculty cohort funding is administered through UBC’s Faculty of Education PDCE Programs. UBC Educational Leadership Scholarship awards for UBC faculty members are funded through Faculty-specific contributions. UBC faculty members pay a (non-refundable) program resource fee (includes external review, Certificate Processing, handouts, and SoEL e-resource materials). Certification is awarded through the President’s Office in conjunction with UBC’s Faculty of Education International Engagement.

Multidisciplinary Program Advisory Board

Chair, Academic Program Director

Professor Harry Hubball (Education)


  • Professor Tony Clarke (Co-Director CSTE, Education)
  • Professor of Teaching, Dr. Marion Pearson (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Professor of Teaching, Dr. Simon Albon (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Professor Gary Poole (Medicine – Retired)
  • Dr. Lesley Bainbridge (CoHD, Medicine)
  • Dr. Simon Ellis (Forestry)
  • Dr. Inge Andreen (Education, Emeritus)
  • Dr. Andrea Webb (Education)
  • Dr. Russell Day (External faculty rep/SFU, Psychology)
  • Dr. Bradley Johnson (Director: Center for Educational Innovation, Zayed University, UAE)
  • Dr. Peter Reddy (National Teaching Fellow UK, Former Associate Dean Teaching & Learning, Aston University, UK)

* Thanks to Professor Helen Burt, (Associate Vice-President Research & International) for significant 10-year contributions as Co-Chair.