Collaborate with Us

Let’s teach and learn together.

The Faculty of Education at UBC is achieving renown as a globally influential institution that excels at educating students, scholars, and professionals through diverse global perspectives. Reciprocal enrichment for students and faculty members remains a core value in delivering on the Faculty’s commitment to International Engagement.

Collaborations can come in many forms.


Faculty members are engaged in research projects in many countries, some of which involve collaborations with colleagues at universities where the research is undertaken. The Faculty of Education encourages the development of bilateral and multi-lateral collaborative research projects on problems of wide interest. The Faculty of Education also co-sponsors international research conferences on a range of important topics with other universities and organizations.


UBC’s first two online master’s programs were development collaboratively with universities outside of Canada. The Master of Education Technology (MET) program was originally development, in collaboration with Moi University, a secondary education diploma program for teachers in the Dadaab refugee camp schools in Kenya as part of the Borderless Higher education for Refugees (BHER) project based at York University.


Through its Go Global office, UBC has student mobility agreements with 175 partner universities in 38 countries. These agreements encourage two-way exchanges of students for periods from one term to one year. Students remain enrolled in their home university and pay fees only to the home university. Coursework completed at the host university is recognized toward the degree requirements of the home university.

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