The UBC Faculty of Education is committed to promoting the understanding of teaching and learning in diverse cultures.

The Faculty of Education at UBC is achieving renown as a globally influential institution that excels at educating students, scholars, and professionals through diverse global perspectives. Reciprocal enrichment for students and faculty members remains a core value in delivering on the Faculty’s commitment to International Engagement. UBC is consistently ranked within the top 50 universities globally.

To reach this goal, we strive to:

  • Ensure undergraduate and graduate curricula and research reflect the global diversity of learners, learning, and educational concerns.
  • Celebrate noteworthy international engagements.
  • Identify priority regions/countries to expand our engagement, the problems or issues we wish to address, and the principles that will guide our work.
  • Engage with global scholars, educators, and communities to inform and advance intercultural understanding.
  • Recruit more international students to enrich our programs.
  • Enhance educational opportunities throughout the world.

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