Welcoming Shangdong University to UBC

Visiting Delegation from Shangdong University, China

In June, we welcomed the following guests from Shangdong University to UBC Faculty of Education to explore degree and non-degree articulation programs for masters and doctoral students.

Visitor Name(s):

  • Mr. Zhong Duren, vice president, Professor of Electrical Automation
  • Mr. Gao Fengqiang, Dean, School of Psychology, Professor of Psychology
  • Mr. Liu Yansheng, Dean, School of Mathematics, Professor of Mathematics
  • Mr. Wang Chuankui, Dean, College of Graduates, Professor of Physics
  • Mr. Tao Wuduan, Director, Department of Finance (like your Bursar’s Office), Senior Engineer of Biology
  • Mr. Sun Quanzhi, Deputy Director, International Office, Interpreter

06/27/2016 | 1 Days

  • China
  • Shangdong University

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