Transforming the Landscape of Under-resourced Schools


This keynote address by Dr. Annette Henry addressed the strategies put in place in an inner-city girls school in Chicago in which students were 80% Black and 15% Latina, most of whom had not had the privilege of excellent teaching or middle-class opportunities

The keynote was presented at an international conference organized by the University of West Indies, School of Education, and Bruce Fletcher (Operation Save Jamaica Conference Organizer). Attendees included professors, social workers, activists, and pastors.

Several conference papers, including the keynote address, will be included in a co-edited special issue of the Caribbean Journal of Education to be published in June 2016; Editors, Loraine Cook, Senior Lecturer, University of West Indies, and Annette Henry, Professor, University of British Columbia.

To learn more about the Keynote Address, please contact:

Dr. Annette Henry
Professor, Department of Language and Literacy Education (LLED)