Seminar by Prof. Coomi S. Vevaina from the University of Mumbai

Balancing the Yang and the Yin through Source-fully Intelligent Education

In the preface to the second edition of The Tao of Physics, Fritjof Capra says, that
modern culture has consistently “favoured yang, or masculine values and attitudes, and has neglected their complementary yin, or feminine, counterparts. We have favoured self- assertion over integration, analysis over synthesis, rational knowledge over intuitive wisdom, science over religion, competition over cooperation, expansion over conservation, and so on. This one-sided development has now reached a highly alarming stage; a crisis of social, ecological, moral and spiritual dimensions” (1975, p.15).

Research done by psychologists such as Margaretha J. Markesleijn and others reveals that several behavioural and learning disorders are caused by the distress that students experience in joyless Apollonian classrooms. Source-fully Intelligent, Technopoietic Learning, (pioneered by me in my book Source-full Intelligence: Understanding Uniqueness and Oneness through Education) seeks to remedy this situation by transforming yang-dominated Apolloian education into creative and joyful, yin-balanced Aphroditean education. It foregrounds our essential ‘uniqueness’ and ‘oneness’ in an effort to make learners ‘feel’ and ‘believe’ in interconnectedness and see themselves as not merely Cartesian citizens belonging to specific nations but Gaian citizens of the world.

With examples taken from both the sciences and the arts, this paper will demonstrate how we can enable learners to move from a Self-versus-Other to a Self-and-Other consciousness to a point when All is Self and there is no Other in order to make our rapidly shrinking and increasingly threatened world a better place for ourselves and for the generations to come.