International School Teacher Professional Development Program

The UBC International School Teacher Professional Development Program (ISTPDP) is designed for school teachers at all levels keen to improve their teaching and deepen their knowledge of teaching and learning in school contexts.

The program explores current issues related to curriculum and pedagogy and includes a focus on recent developments in educational technology in schools. A certificate of participation will be awarded.

Program Highlights

  • Comparative examination of key assumptions underlying teaching and learning between Canada, Asia and other countries.
  • Exploration of contemporary research on teaching and learning across school contexts.
  • Introduction to innovative ideas and approaches to classroom teaching where the instructors model techniques for classroom practice and encourage participants to think about ways to apply these in their own classrooms.
  • Guidelines for curriculum designs that develop and sustain students’ academic learning and creativity.
  • Introduction to ‘Teacher Inquiry” to lay the groundwork  for ongoing professional development.


The program includes lectures, workshops, microteaching, school visits, and classroom observations.

The instructors have international reputations for their engagements in the professional development of teachers.  They have extensive experience working as a team within the Faculty of Education at UBC.

Cohort Model

The ISTPDP is typically organized over a three-week period. The length of the program can be tailored to the needs of the group.

The cost for the academic program is based on a cohort model, that is, for a group of between 20-25 participants the cost would be approximately CAD$4,500 per participant.

Full catering, accommodation, medical insurance, and local transportation can be arranged for an additional fee.

To learn more about the International School Teacher Professional Development Program, please contact:

Fang Wang, PhD
Director of International Programs
Faculty of Education, UBC

Dr. Mark Edwards
Assistant Dean, Professional Development & Community Engagement
Faculty of Education, UBC