International Baccalaureate Advanced Certificate in Teaching and Learning (IBTL)

The IBTL Advanced Certificate offers modern disciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching and learning approaches in IB education.

The UBC M.Ed. in Curriculum Studies leading to an IB Advanced Certificate in Teaching and Learning Research is designed for those who wish to pursue professional study in education, and deepen their understanding of teaching and learning. It is for professionals who wish to reflect on issues of practice with colleagues, and are:

  • Actively engaged in developing and inquiring into curriculum
  • Researching their own teaching
  • Providing curriculum and pedagogical leadership in schools and/or online
  • Rethinking current educational trends and issues

This is a balanced and comprehensive program that unites academic breadth with significant, modern learning theory. It is for practitioners whose professional goals require a rich knowledge base that is both disciplinary and interdisciplinary and related to this IB specialization

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