Excellent Teacher Training Program

The partnership between UBC and East China Normal University (ECNU) facilitates the understanding of western education in order to foster ECNU students’ teaching skills and broaden their international perspectives.

Under the leadership of Dr. Anthony Clarke, a team of UBC instructors designed this non-credit program which features a combination of course and classroom teaching experience, visits to schools in and around Vancouver for classroom observation and interaction, and special guest speakers to enrich the program offering.

Hear from our students

This program is excellent! I benefited a lot from the teachers and guest instructors. The discovery learning, problem-based learning, and the experiential teaching inspired me to design different classroom activities to help the students gain knowledge as well as new skills.

In China we learned the theory, while here we applied what we learn through a variety of activities and exercises. I particularly enjoyed the school visits, where we could observe the teaching model, the class arrangements, and see everything in practice.

I want to summarize my learning experience as follows: skills are more important than knowledge; questions are more important than answers; trust is more important than help. This program enabled me to have broader horizons about education and helped me to develop teaching and learning skills as a teacher. Canada inspired a lot of sense of community, helped me to think from a different perspective. Community is vital in the process of learning”.

Valentina Zhang, ECNU Teacher Candidate
UBC Excellent Teacher Training Program Graduate 2015

The most important thing about this program is that it gave me the opportunity to observe and learn educational methodology and to practice what I have learned. The program inspired me and gave an idea on how to design a class, and how to talk to students and their parents. I believe talking to parents is very important, as it gives us a sense of community. What I learned is not a manual on how to be a teacher, but it gave me an idea on how to give the students the opportunity to discover themselves. I learned new teaching skills, but I also had the chance to test my own teaching experience. It was an opportunity to gain feedback and guidance from teachers and fellow classmates. This is a platform to make dreams and theoretical knowledge become a real teaching process. If you want to spend a hard winter, but also to gain a new spark every day, you are welcome to join us at ECNU; it will let you love yourself more because you are a teacher!

Bowen Wang, ECNU Teacher Candidate
UBC Excellent Teacher Training Program Graduate 2015


ECNU Teacher Candidates travel to UBC Vancouver

To learn more about the Excellent Teacher Training Program, please contact:

Anthony Clarke
Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy (EDCP)
1 604.822.2003